Stephen Thrift - Life Coach Bringing out the best in you
Stephen Thrift - Life CoachBringing out the best in you

Finding a new direction with life coaching

Are you trying to find a new direction in life? Life coaching can help you!


By getting to know you, your desires and your dreams, or even helping you clarify them, I will help you work out a plan to get your life going in the direction you want it to.


There comes a time in many people’s lives when they, either suddenly or gradually, realise that something is wrong. Maybe you realise that what you thought would make you happy, hasn’t. Or you have climbed the ladder…and found that it is leaning against the wrong building.


You might say something like:

“Is this all there is?”

“I should be happy – why aren’t I?”

“I’m only doing this to make [person x] happy – but I’m not happy.”

"This just isn't working for me, but I don't know how to change it."


We commonly call episodes like these ‘mid-life crises’ – though they can occur at any point in life.


Today, it is not uncommon for people to completely change direction in their life, often in middle-age but even in their twenties or sixties too.


Whether it is your career, your relationship, where you live, or something completely different, if you want things to change then you have to do something different. That doesn’t necessarily mean getting a divorce or quitting your job and moving to rural Siberia – it may just mean a minor change in course. But even when a change appears simple, it can still be daunting.


This is where a coach can help you to get clear on what you want to do, and also help you work out how to do it. I will help you to

1. work out what inspires you and what kind of life will fulfil you;

2. create a plan on how to create the life that you want; and

3. support you in achieving your dreams.


Perhaps you already know what you would like to do, but for some reason you aren’t doing it. A coach can help you find the motivation and ability to take that step you know you want to take.


To arrange a free 30-minute consultation on how I can help you with finding a new direction in your life, contact me.


"I spoke to Stephen at a time when I was adapting to being a new dad and unsure about my career. My discussions with Stephen were purposeful – Stephen helped me focus and clarify my goals in a practical, targeted and empathic way," Mark, Hull

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