Stephen Thrift - Career Coach Helping you create your dream career
Stephen Thrift - Career CoachHelping you create your dream career

Career coaching with Stephen Thrift

My mission in life: to help people improve their lives.

My mission in coaching: to help you become happier in your career.

What brought me here

After graduating from university in 2005, I fell into a job with a media consultancy in London, and after two promotions in less than three years, things seemed to be going really well! Although I was made redundant at Christmas 2010, I was quickly asked by an old colleague to join his highly-promising startup company. An exciting move.


Then things started to go downhill. Health problems that I neither recognised nor understood were the beginning of deep unhappiness at work, to the point where I would feel actual fear about going to the office. I also began to feel general dissatisfaction at the direction I was going in my career. I knew that I was capable of more than sitting in an office, at a computer for 35 hours a week, but I didn’t know what to do with these feelings.


By early 2013 I was in a very bad place. I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you know how that negativity at work can rob the rest of your life of enjoyment too?


Yet in my low state, a seed of hope was planted. In desperation at my extreme despondency in work and life, my girlfriend bought us each three personal training sessions through a deals website, and the trainer we met was a man who, without exaggeration, changed my life. His name is also Steve, and as well as being a personal trainer he is a qualified life coach and an avid Law of Attraction practitioner.


During our sessions in the gym, Steve and I chatted and he introduced me to success theory, guiding me towards films and books that could improve my life. Steadily, I began to be more cheerful as I learned that I really could control my life. I became fascinated by the Law of Attraction and the idea that I could create a better life for myself.


Later in 2013, my girlfriend (now wife) and I moved to rural Cumbria. There I continued to study, but for the following two years I kept doing office jobs. I hated them (some more than others) and they weren’t working out. I was let go at the end of a contract with one, and I resigned from another before they could sack me! Deep down I knew my luck would eventually run out, but it was what I knew – I was in a ‘comfort zone’, despite it not being all that comfortable.

The moment

Then something happened to me on the afternoon of 23rd May 2015, at a talk by Jack Canfield in the Paddington Hilton Hotel in London. As I sat there in the audience, watching Jack talk about all of this personal development stuff that I enjoyed and felt passionately about, I thought to myself “I could do that”.


Jack told the story of a man named Kenneth Behring, who grew up in poverty to become a multi-millionaire. Yet the first time Ken felt true happiness in his life was when, on a philanthropic mission to Romania in the 1990s, he placed a disabled man into a wheelchair and the man said to him: “Thank you. Now I can go out into the yard and smoke with my friends.”


Other than the birth of my daughter, this was possibly the most intense emotional moment of my life. I felt something change in me. I realised that I had to get out of my cycle of unfulfilling, spiritually-draining office jobs and find a career in which I could help people. By helping others, I would also help myself to find the fulfillment that had always been missing from my professional life.


In February 2016, my run of unhappy office jobs came to an end when I was fired by my employer. I decided to go into career coaching in an attempt to fulfil the purpose I feel: to help others overcome their difficulties at work and find the great career that they deserve. This has come true and I greatly enjoy it.

Take action today

In the past five years, I have learned that we truly do have the power to change our lives for the better. The problem is that not many people know this – sadly society, school and often our own well-intentioned families condition us to believe that we are powerless to change what happens to us. Worse, they sometimes tell us we just have to wait for someone else to turn up and help us!


You have the sole power to create your dream career, and you have to use that power yourself because nobody else can do the work for you. But if you need a little guidance, motivation, or just help to get some clarity on what you want to achieve in your life, then I can give you this!


Contact me now for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute Career Clarity session. I look forward to hearing from you!

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