Stephen Thrift - Career Coach Helping you create your dream career
Stephen Thrift - Career CoachHelping you create your dream career

Career coaching

Work takes up a huge part of our lives: if you work full-time then you might spend half of your waking hours each week at work (including commuting). That is a long time, and it is time that should be spent on something that inspires and fulfils you… or at the very least, it shouldn’t be spent on something that actively makes you unhappy.


You deserve a career that makes you happy, a career that makes you feel alive, and valued.


Things have come a long way since my father’s job search involved checking the local newspaper listings every Thursday! There has never been a better time to be in the jobs market, or to be looking to create your own career – we have a world of opportunity at our fingertips thanks to the internet, and you can find anything you need on there.


There is absolutely no need to stay unhappy at work, for one day longer. You can change the career you’re in, or you can move to a new career, and find the satisfaction you want. The ‘job for life’ is long-dead – I’m only 35 and I worked full-time at seven different companies before launching myself into coaching.


The question is, what will it take for you to make the change? Perhaps you need clarity on what is causing you problems, and how to fix it? Or maybe you know what you want to do, but need support to make sure you take the actions necessary to get where you want to be.


As your career coach, I will give you the help you need work out how to improve your career, and support you as you take the necessary steps to reach your potential.


Contact me today to book your free 30-minute, no-obligation Career Clarity session, where we will get you clear on what your ideal career looks like, and what is stopping you going after it already. You will leave energised and inspired, ready to go after that fulfilling career you dream of!


You can find details of career coaching programmes I offer below:

Career coaching programmes

Career transformation and re-invigoration programmes are preceded by a free 30-minute Career Clarity session, and include email support.


Career transformation programme

Do you want to create more freedom? Earn more money? Enjoy your work (and your life!) more?


With this programme, over 18 contact hours plus working on your goals between sessions, you will have time to explore yourself, your beliefs and feelings about work, and your current position in your career.


We will look deep into your career, your beliefs about yourself, and find out why you’ve not yet reached your career goals. We will work out what you want to do, how to get there, and I will support you as you either change your current work life, or find a new position for yourself.


This programme will suit you if you are considering making a huge change in your career, or you are in a deep rut at work and need to find a solution. You don’t have to know exactly what the problem is right now, or what you’re looking for – we will work that out together, before coming up with the right answers for you. This programme will help you make the big, real, long-lasting change you are looking for.


12 x 90-minute sessions over six

months (2 per month).


£200 per month. £999 if paid in full at



If required, one free mock interview

session, lasting 60 minutes.


Free copy of The Work We Were Born To Do by Nick Williams (if price paid in full at start).


Extra sessions within the programme

priced at £120.



Career re-invigoration programme

Do you have difficulties at work that you need to overcome? Want to revive your stalling career? Do you need to find or rediscover passion in your work?


This programme will suit you if you need help to work out how to increase the satisfaction you get from your work, or to find out why your career is not going quite how you want it to – and what to do about it!


Through six 60-minute sessions, we will identify and work through the exact issues you are having with your work, and help you get back on track in your career.


60-minute coaching sessions can be intense and fast-paced, so you must be able to motivate yourself in between sessions to take the necessary actions towards your goals.


6 x 60-minute sessions over three months (2 per month).


£170 per month. £450 if paid in full at start. (Sessions can be extended to 90 minutes – price £200 per month/£500 if paid in full at start)


Free copy of The Work We Were Born To Do by Nick Williams (if price paid in full at start).


Extra sessions within the programme priced at £100 (£120 for 90-minute sessions).



Kickstart session

Do you need a solution to a specific issue at work? Do you want to get things going your way again?


A Kickstart session will help you if you are new to coaching, want to come up with answers to a specific career difficulty, or you want to re-energise yourself and regain your focus at work.


Our single 90-minute coaching session will help you work through a specific issue you are struggling with at work or consider why things just aren’t happening for you, and come up with some answers.



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