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Stephen Thrift - Life CoachBringing out the best in you

Relationship Coaching

Humans are social animals, and if you are not getting what you want from your relationships - whether in your private life or at work - then you are not likely to be happy.


Relationships are often difficult. A relationship between two people only works if both people are receiving what they need from it, and providing the other with what they require.


The best way to ensure this happens is for both people to take 100% responsibility for the relationship, as recommended by Jack Canfield in the film ‘The Metaphysical Secret’. This means that you accept that you cannot change the other person, instead you do what you can control, to give the other person what they want and ask for what you want (this is important – so many of us are reluctant to ask for what we want). This applies to our friendships and family and working relationships, as well as romances.


Good relationships have the potential to make your life happier and more fulfilling, but bad relationships can also make life miserable.


Because relationship challenges are often charged with emotion, a detached and non-judgemental viewpoint can be hugely helpful. While coaching on its own cannot solve all relationship problems, it can help you to ensure you play a positive and constructive role. I work with individuals and couples/families to help them improve the quality of their relationships.


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