Stephen Thrift - Career Coach Helping you create your dream career
Stephen Thrift - Career CoachHelping you create your dream career

Client testimonials

"I spoke to Stephen at a time when I was adapting to being a new dad and unsure about my career. My discussions with Stephen were purposeful – he helped me focus and clarify my goals in a practical, targeted and empathetic way." Mark, Hull


"Stephen offers sincere and respectful coaching which is based solely on the client’s needs. He is enthusiastic and passionate about coaching and has a wide range of knowledge to apply within coaching sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and would recommend Stephen to others. Coaching will help you to set goals and progress in life; so take the opportunity to reach your full potential." Natasha, Bristol


"I would highly recommend entering into coaching with Stephen. He has insight and empathy which can help you discover new ideas to follow up and enhance your search for a new career path, or see your current role in a new, more positive, light." Michael, Newcastle


"Stephen has been a great help for me in the process of setting out short term and long term career goals. He assisted me in narrowing down my options, looking at all aspects of the different ideas I had and helping me formulate the next steps to take." Janna, Cambridge


"The benefits of Stephen's coaching are exactly what I was hoping for but was not sure were achievable. I never thought that I would be able to turn round a difficult period in my professional career in the 6 months we have worked together. The coaching is also helping me lead a happier and better balanced life. I feel that the changes I have made as a result are not just quick fixes. They will support me in facing future challenges. Above and beyond what I was expecting." Ludo, Derby

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